What is ComeTrue?

ComeTrue is an innovative rapid prototyping machine integrated with Microjet's own Inkjet cartridges. First full-color professional desktop 3D printer of the world.

 What are the advantages? 

· Price: It is 1/3 cheaper than the only counterpart in the market. Thus, your machine investment costs start to a minimum.

· Highest DPI in the world (1200x556): The final product has brighter, real and vibrant colors.

· Production speed is high: Construction speed 20mm / s.

· The end products are durable: The Inkjet method is a non-contact type of printing. So it is ideal for obtaining durable products.

· Printing cost is low: Consumable materials are affordable, cartridges are very long-lasting. The recycling rate is higher.

· Energy consumption is less: max. 2 A

· Practical: Full user friendliness with software and hardware.

· Application area is wide: interior-exterior architecture, prototyping, industrial design, sculpture, ceramics, arts, health and biomedical, education, hobby.

What is Working Principle?

· Use your own custom software to repair your 3D files, translate them into appropriate formats, and slice them.

· Plaster-based thin-layer layer is the layer serer and forms a model by spraying the liquid binder onto each layer.

·  Finally, with your hardener infiltrant fluid, your model gains a perfect image and stability.

How does it work?

· Repair your 3D model: Upload your model to PixiRite Restorer. It finds the error, repairs it and converts it to the file format suitable for the machine.

· Slice and print your 3D model: Upload your repaired model to the ComeTrue software, change the size and look of  your model, or adjust multiple models side by side, top to bottom. The software also calculates the amount of material you will use, the printing time, and ensures you get the best result. Simply press the print button afterwards.

· Post-process: After the process is finished, remove your model from the printer and use the air in the TD3 recycling unit to remove residual dust. The final step for the model's vivid and robust visualization is infiltrant fluid application. Place the model in a deep container and run over the liquid. Your 3D model is ready after dry.


Architectural design

Traditional architecture modeling is costly and time consuming. ComeTrue? 3D printing offers precise solid 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) full-color or monochrome models in a wide range of fields including architecture, civil engineering, construction, interior design, landscape, urban/city design, etc. It?s a cost economic and labor saving way to present high precision 3D solid models.

3D modelling designers use various BIM software such as Autodesk Revit, 3ds Max, AutoCAD(3D format), Caitia (Dassault), Rhino (Robert McNeel), ArchiCAD (Graphisoft), Architecture (Bentley) and Sketch Up, etc. all can benefit from ComeTrue? full-color 3d printing. Furthermore, the 3d modelling may extend to integrate application such as GeoSpatial.

Using PixiRite 3D printing repair software to separate the 3D files, bigger models can be built separately and merged together.

 Industrial design

Regarding industry design and manufacturing design, ComeTrue 3D Printer reduces the duration of design modification. Before molding, making samples can cut down errors and on fee for mold modification. Compared with traditional CNC, ComeTrue 3D Printer builds up parts layer-by-layer which makes complicated models easier.

Biomedical and Healthcare

ComeTrue turns files of 3D objects seen from the screen into a reality. There are more burgeoning applications popping up in the field of biology and healthcare, such as 3D fetal image, virtual plastic surgery models, human organs display, lecture models, manufacture of medical instrument molds, etc.

Fine Arts and Visual Communication

ComeTrue makes cultural continuity through combining technology and historical relics, for example, we can turn cultural relics into digital archives through 3D scanner, and then being molded or made for repairing simulation as well. In addition, it is beneficial for artists to design with ComeTrue 3D printer to display unique aesthetics by the integration of technology and art.

Applying Mathematics software, such as Mathematica, Maple, Matlab, K3DSurf, MathMod, etc., can create mathematical 3D arts

Entertainment and Hobbies

Creative 3D modelers can design 3D characters and any objects by software such as ZBrush, MudBox, 3Ds Max, Maya, Rhino, SketchUp, Blender, etc.

Beginners may build 3D models by some free 3D software such as Sculptris.

3D Scanning Datas

Models produced from 3D Scanners are scanned under a uniform light source. It is therefore necessary to enrich the contrast zone with some software such as Zbrush, PhotoShop to erase the shadow before printing. With the SCAN MODE option in the ComeTrue Print slicing software, you can reduce the shadow effect without additional processing.

Application Examples

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  • portfolio_1
  • portfolio_1
  • portfolio_1
  • portfolio_1
  • portfolio_1
  • portfolio_1
  • portfolio_1
  • portfolio_1
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Technicial Specifications

Color Full-Color
Build Size 200x160x150(mm)
Size of the Machine 80x62x70cm(WxDxH)
Net Weight 60kg
Type Desktop
Max.Vertical Build Speed 20mm/hour
Z axis layer thickness 0.08mm or 0.12mm (selectable)
Resolution 1200 x 556 dpi
number of inkjet head 2
Nozzle number of the print head 4800 (Each print head 2400 nozzles)
File format STL, VRML (can apply OBJ, 3DS, PLY, etc. via PixiRite Preparation Software)
Port USB 2.0
Authenticate CE
Operation system Windows® 7 / Vista / 8 / 10
Power requirement 100~120V/MAX 2A 50/60Hz or 200~240V/MAX 1A 50/60Hz


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